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Going to school as a fat student presents many challenges. This site chronicles my own experience as a student at Louisiana State University. I am sharing this with you in hopes that it will help you combat your own size-related challenges. Share this information with friends, family, colleagues, professors, and your college or university officials. The most important thing you can do is to bear in mind that you are worth whatever space you need in life, and that you are important enough to make sure your needs are met. You may even light the path for another fat student in the process.


If you have experience as a fat student and would like to share your experiences and wisdom with others, please email me with a link to your website, or with information I can put on this website.


Three Inches to Equal Access: My College Experience

Tips: Seating, Scheduling, Parking, Studying, Interacting with other Students

E.R. Moore has Graduation Gowns that fit YOU!

Size-Acceptance Resources for Educators, Organizers and Activists

Do you work in Student Affairs? Click here for MaryMc's "Work Stuff"

Tools for  Organizers, Activists, Educators, and Other Hell-Raisers

Having problems with your seat belt? Seat belts for Larger Passengers

Size Positive

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